4 Pieces Of Marketing Advice For The Modern Age

The internet has brought with it some incredible opportunities for marketing across the many industries, it has also been a source of confusion or overwhelming stimuli due to the waves of information that are available simultaneously. The old ways of marketing were strong in their heyday, but with the fracturing of consumption occurring online more and more with every passing day, there is more credence than ever to adapt or die

With so many avenues and means of opportunity for content and communication to exist on various platforms, it can be confusing and daunting to even try to tackle a modern marketing campaign without being lost in the ether. It feels like navigating through a spate of white noise in trying to get a foothold or understanding on the basic premise or goal you’re trying to achieve when trying to use old methods to diminishing returns.

Well, we used to think so, until we boiled down our fears and hesitations into 4 distinctly relevant pieces of advice, little tidbit rules for keeping our collective message on the warpath. We’re going to share today, the four best pieces of advice for keeping a level head in the chaotic storm of modern marketing and find the fun along the way.

Keep it Simple

1. Keep It Simple

Maybe one of the best pieces of advice we have found to be relevant today as it ever has been in the simplicity of approach. Keeping a message straightforward and to the point sounds like the most obvious advice in the world, but you’ll be surprised how often it goes unnoticed or overlooked.

When exposed to so much information, we can begin to act like rabid animals in searching for that quintessential magical formula that will garner attention from every set of eyes in your targeted demographic. Keep it simple. Taking a deep breath and keep the message you want to express as clear and concise as possible and you’ll never be overwhelmed.

2. 90/10

Some classics can be reborn in the modern context, the 90/10 rule is certainly no exception. The 90/10 rule is the basic formulation of spending 90% of your time and money on focusing on the things you do extremely well and the other 10% of your time and money on experimentation and taking bolder and riskier bets. This is how many of the top tier firms get their business done and business is certainly booming.

Having the safety cushion of knowing you’re using a good majority of your resources on what you’re best at will allow you to think clearly and be willing to take the riskier but higher yielding chances. This is especially prevalent with the modern marketing tactics of trial and error, with the volatile and unpredictable rate of success with modern marketing tactics, it pays to have a dog in the fight, without hedging your entire prospect of success on it.

Dtich the old Pedestal

3. Ditch The Old Pedestal

Companies once had a comfortable and cushioned seat above the ground, sending messaging and branding tactics to the masses as an omniscient presence on the mountaintop, these days are long gone. The social media boom into interconnectivity and blurring lines between creator and audience has made it impossible or unwise to negate the idea that communication and engagement is a foundational requirement.

Losing the pedestal and becoming more accessible has been successful more or less across the board as newer companies and forward thinkers are relating and creating virality and communication which does wonders for branding and awareness. Creating an engaging atmosphere for clients and the general public has become a more necessary aspect of any marketing campaign and it is wise to incorporate some form of interactivity.

4. Keep It Different

Perhaps one of the most encompassing and important pieces of advice we can bestow onto our dear readers today is the simple and immutable advantage of keeping it different. This is not simply a fortune cookie slice of advice. The idea of keeping things different and out of the ordinary is immeasurably important in modern marketing tactics and approaches. The old and simple ways are dependable, reliable, and stagnant. With more and more people switching off their traditional means of consumption, it’s now the time to take bolder risks and move toward a lateral and alternative method of marketing. This could be changing up the channel of informational delivery, the format from text to video or even the manner in which you engage with your audience.

There’s always more to be said, but we can’t always give the answers without knowing the stakes. We will venture forward and try new and exciting avenues, until then, good luck, and go boldly.